Maple Glen Sugar House Frequently Asked Questions


What happens on a tour?

Tours are free at maple glen sugar house and are given year round. If you wish to schedule a tour please call 716 532-5483 During maple season in the months of late February to March you will experience first hand the art of making pure maple syrup, sugar & cream. The entire process will be covered from tree to table. Back to Top

How large a group can you handle on a tour?

There is no limit to how large of a group would like to come for a Maple Syrup Tour.  However, prior notice and data confirmation is expected.  If you have a very large group, please contact us so we can make arrangements for several groups leaving at different times. Back to Top

Is the tour suitable for children?

Absolutely!  Children love learning how maple syrup is made.  The tour is both fun and educational.  They also love the sweet treats at the end of the tour!

Children are always welcome at our Sugar House. After the tour, they can visit our four Siberian Huskies sled dogs, pet turkey and bob white quail. If your family comes during Maple weekend you can enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride through the sugar bush!  Kids always love their visit! Back to Top

Do you have a store or gift shop at Maple Glen?

Yes.  When you visit Maple Glen, you can shop for all the products you see on our website.  Our Maple Syrup store was built in the Fall of 2001.  We have one of the largest arrays of delicious maple products in Western New York. From maple syrup, 7 flavors of gourmet pancake mix, maple sugar, maple sugar candies, maple cream, jellies, and maple mustard to maple peanuts.  You will be in Maple Syrup Heaven! Back to Top

May we visit in months other than March?

Yes.  If you wish to visit in the off season (when the evaporator is not in production) a tour can still be given but please call in advance for times.

Will we be allowed to see how you actually make the syrup?

Certainly!  That’s half of the fun! Back to Top

Do you still have questions?  Contact us.
We will be happy to try to answer them.